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On this web site, I have attempted to put together the basic principles of a  self-transformation program - the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan - which is free, easy to follow and which, if fully implemented, will guarantee an improved and more satisfying lifestyle.

It is based on the assumption that many of us, at various times in life, are aware that we are not living our lives in the most fulfilling and satisfying way. We are conscious that the routines and habits of our lifestyle are  sometimes unsatisfactory and in need of  adjustment or  improvement. We may want to be fitter, healthier, happier, enjoy better relationships, use time more effectively, improve our financial situation and feel more at peace with ourselves. Yet so much of our time is taken up facing and responding to the urgent daily tasks of our personal lives, our relationships, our work and family responsibilities that we simply don’t get started on the path to self-improvement. At the same time, we battle constantly  in adjusting to life  changes, some invited and some not, that often challenge our coping skills and give us stress.

And so, because of these demanding societal, work and family responsibilities, and the many related tasks that take up our time and energy, we never really manage to get properly started in re-planning our life . Perhaps we make an occasional attempt, as at New Year and around birthdays, to make a fresh beginning, but somehow - for many of us - our plans fizzle out and not much is accomplished. Yet, deep down, we know and believe that things can be made better if we could only organise ourselves better and consistently apply the necessary time and effort to achieve the goals that are important to us.

This is where can help. Of course, we need to know where we want to go in life and have a sense of vision as to how we would like our life to be. It is my hope that the Program here, as set out in the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan,  will help you to work out more clearly how you want to re-plan your life and to define where you want to be.

Getting from HERE [where you are now]  to  THERE [where you want to be ] is what this web site is all about.

Briefly, if you follow the Program, you will be required to make an
evaluation of your present lifestyle, assess where you need to make changes, create a Personal Plan based on your selection of Goals and Targets and work to achieve these over an eight week period. You will also be encouraged to find a Buddy to act as your support and mentor.


If you work the Program as set out in this web site, you are assured that the quality of your lifestyle will improve and you will become  happier, healthier and better able to cope with the problems and pressures that beset your life.

A fuller explanation of what this Program is about and what will be expected of you if you choose to follow it is set out in the pages under Program Overview.

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About the Site

Wealth, power and status alone do not guarantee personal peace and happiness

Poverty, trauma, low station in life are not insuperable obstacles to achieving a satisfying lifestyle.

Personal peace, happiness and a satisfying lifestyle are there for all to achieve. If you choose to have these things, regardless of circumstances, you can attain them.

The Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan : inviting you to make a start on the road to a more fulfilling, more satisfying, more peaceful  and  better quality lifestyle

About the Site

The Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan set out in this web site is not meant  as a substitute for skilled professional or medical help where this might be required. Users work through the program at their own  risk and the author cannot be held responsible for any adverse effects or outcomes experienced by any individuals because of it.

Never underestimate the power you have to make changes, even if you only half believe it!

Your values and beliefs influence your thinking patterns.

If you want to change the way you think, you need loto ok closely at what you value and believe.
Sometimes, our value and beliefs have been downloaded on us by others. Is this the case with you?

When your life has become wearisome and unrewarding and you no longer feel enthusiasm for all the things you used to find interesting ..…