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There are many goals that lead to self-improvement. Take time and care to choose carefully those which are going to make the most important and positive impact on your existing life. When you have selected them, seek out and use every available worthwhile aid on the internet to help you reach your dream destination.

Many many individuals start work to change their lives for the better but - for a variety of reasons - give up quickly, feel ashamed of their lack of dedication to the task and conclude that they can never change.


The most dedicated make slips in working to achieve their goals but bravely struggle and succeed! Make sure you follow their example.


MAY 2015


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You CAN change your life to become closer to how you dream it might be!

It has been my intention in setting up this site to provide a free support service to those who need and want to create for themselves an improved lifestyle which is both fulfilling and free from strife. I believe that the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan set out here can be a powerful tool on this journey and will - if effectively used - assist individuals to get from where they are now to where they want to be.

However, I am also aware that a wide range of other resources - some free of charge - are also available which can be used to support and supplement the methods advocated in the Phoenix Plan. In particular, there is much to be gained from the readings and programs in some of the many self-development publications available on the Internet. Self-hypnosis can  also be a most valuable aid in bringing about desired life change while relaxation programs, meditation and many forms of non-competitive exercise can contribute immensely to rebuilding an anxious lifestyle.

To make some of these resources available to those who are using the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan [however modified] and  to those who want to work on personal growth general issues, I have collected a number of self-development ebooks and hypnosis recordings and placed them on another of my sites

All of the  resources are entirely free of charge and may be downloaded from the above site.  No registration or provision of emails or personal particulars are required to access the resources.  The items chosen seem to me to have high potential to assist anyone who is interested in or working on personal growth advancement.

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For further online information on the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan go to our  sister site, by clicking  below:


Download a full copy  [PDF ebook format] of the first edition of my book Change Your Life In Ten Weeks which introduces and details the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan as set out on this site.

The book [146 pages] covers everything which is included on this site including copies of all Plan documentation which you can photocopy for your personal use.

In addition, there are short chapters [ with related exercises] on key self-help topics [ Happiness, Stress, Communication, Self Acceptance, Gratitude] which are meant to challenge your thinking and to provide further help as you work through the Phoenix Plan.

To obtain the download you are not asked to register anywhere or to provide any personal details. The book is provided as a free public service. To reach the download page, click HERE

A second and enlarged edition [200 pages] of Change Your Life In Ten Weeks has been published in July 2014. It is available in both print and ebook formats. To find our more about it click HERE

First Edition 2010