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How the Program Works

Program Steps : A Summary and Guide

Firstly, using a Questionnaire, you will make a thorough Evaluation of your present lifestyle, noting and prioritising the areas in which positive change is desirable and possible.

You will consider and work out the practical details of the kinds of changes that could realistically be implemented in some of these areas over the eight week period. Then you will select the life areas you consider most important to work on and you will carefully choose and write down specific behavioural goals for each area selected.

This self-searching section of the Program is most important for you as it indicates to a large extent where you want to go in your life and what you want to change in your current lifestyle. For this reason, this part of the Program should not be hurried through, but you should devote as much time as is necessary to work out clearly the priorities for your self-development. It is probably a good idea, at this stage, to equip yourself with a notebook in which you can jot down some of your ideas and aspirations. It should also be recognised that you are likely to progress better in the Program if you select a small but realistic number of Goals. Trying to achieve too much in too short a time is likely to be too demanding with the resulting danger that you give up. Rather, aim for a few important Goals which, if achieved in the eight week period, will give you a real sense of achievement and personal success. If you attain these goals, your success will become a valuable motivating factor if and when you work on the Program a second time.

Do not worry if right now you are somewhat unsure of what these Goals should be. You will find that when you start to work through the evaluation Questionnaire you will gain insights into how you perceive what is currently happening in many critical areas of your life.

Next, you will break down each specific behavioural goal into a  series of eight weekly targets, starting with an easy version and/or low frequency of the behaviour and gradually working up to the full target, as originally selected [ sample Goals Summary and Weekly Target  Sheets will explain this more clearly ] The Links and personal development Resources [ currently under construction ] to be included on the web site may additionally assist you in drawing up appropriate goals and target behaviours.

You consult with a friend or buddy, fully explaining what you are setting out to achieve by the end of the eight week program. You discuss with that person your weekly Target Sheets and you invite her/him to support your plans and to assist you in monitoring progress on a weekly basis.

The first week of your Program will begin. When you complete a target behaviour, you will tick it off on the Program Monitoring Sheet [ see Downloads page ]. At the end of  Week One, you will review your progress with your buddy. If you have achieved all of your target behaviours, that’s great! It proves your capacity to bring about desired personal change. If you missed some of your targets, perhaps you will need to redefine the specific target behaviours for Week Two and onwards, being entirely realistic in your thinking. You can enlist your buddy’s help on this.

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You can dream where you want to go . You can blame others and external events because you do not get there.  But your dream will only come true when  it becomes  your goal and you make the time and effort to  taking the steps which will lead you there.

Sometimes in life’s journey we have to pause and to recognise and admit that the road we have been taking is not leading to the destination we seek.

At such a moment, we need to stop, re-evaluate the lifestyle we have created and devise new goals which will move us in our preferred direction.

The Phoenix Self Help Life Plan is an ideal tool to guide and support us in this difficult but vital exercise.

How the Program Works