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Is the Program suitable for everybody?

Not everyone who works through the Phoenix Life Plan will achieve a breakthrough in their personal development. If you are suffering from a serious addiction or serious mental health problem, or have recently  experienced severe trauma or  relationship breakdown, you  may require specialist professional or medical help to bring about effective and lasting change. However, reading through these pages may inspire you to take the necessary steps to seek such help.

In general, the Program is aimed at individuals, in all adult age groups, who  are in a relatively stable personal environment and who recognise that  it is in their long-term interest to improve the quality of their lifestyles.

Remember, too, that the Program will work best for you if you are prepared to devote the necessary time and effort to following it. If you lack this motivation at the moment, reading through the Program steps may, nevertheless, convince you of the immense value personal change can make in your life.

Implementing the Program does involve a fair amount of personal documentation and form filling. Downloads are provided to assist you with this task. However, it would be a good idea to arm yourself with a small notebook dedicated to the Program.

If you find that the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan is too structured for your personal circumstances, you are free to modify it to suit your purposes.

If you seek life satisfaction and personal happiness and peace of mind, you need to be living a lifestyle which is in tune with your own deeply held values and beliefs. Otherwise, you may be living according to someone else’s standards. For you, this can result in low self-esteem, deep frustration, poor interaction in close relationships and bring you close to seeing yourself as a failure. When this happens, you either give up the thought of living your life as
you want to OR you acknowledge that you need to make urgent significant life changes.

The Phoenix Plan argues that - to be true to yourself in this situation - you need to start work on rebuilding your lifestyle based on values and beliefs that are acceptable to you. In particular, your life needs to have an elegant balance between home, work and leisure activities: an arrangement that will reduce your levels of personal stress and which will increase your capacity for fun and happiness. If the balance is right, then you will be on the road to where you want to be…

If the situation described above has meaning for you, then the Phoenix Plan could be just the program you need to bring you closer to creating the happier lifestyle you seek. Remember, it’s free, confidential and provides step by step guidance on how to reach that happier lifestyle ! It’s worth a try, isn’t it?

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To be successful in this Program you need to devote time to it. If you cannot or won’t do this, it is likely that the personal changes  you want to make in your life will not happen. How and to what extent you do this is up to you but this allocation of time is essential for your achievement.

Program Overview

If you have lost your sense of direction in life and you are feeling confused and uncertain about the future, the Phoenix Self Help Life Plan is just the tool you need to help you get stabilised.

You will be given step by step help to evaluate your present distressed lifestyle, to work out the goals that are meaningful for your self-improvement and to construct a new and better way of living.

Using the Plan, you can achieve all of this in eight to ten weeks.

Program Overview

It is easy and perhaps comforting to settle for a lifestyle which has become habitual even though it may be deeply dissatisfying and unrewarding. In quiet moments, we acknowledge awareness that all is not well with us and we may yearn for a better way of living. Such a dream may not be an impossible one..

The free Phoenix Self-Help Plan hosted on this site will challenge you to evaluate your life today and invite you to plan those changes which will take you closer to the lifestyle you yearn for.

The Plan is totally free to use and you will never be asked to divulge your email or personal particulars as you work through it. Two free ebooks are available to help you find your way to where you want to go.

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Strive to be as non-judgemental of your own mistakes  and failings as you would those of a dear friend