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The Role of your Buddy

Earlier, I stressed that a great deal of value could be gained, in working through the Program, by making use of a “buddy”. The buddy you choose is likely to be someone you know quite well, someone whose views and judgment you respect, a good listener and a person who is largely emotionally and psychologically stable. Your buddy also needs to be someone who knows you well and is assertive enough to be frank and honest in communicating with you. She or he needs to accept and support the general concept that a self-help program for personal development is a worthwhile project and can work. It is vital too that your buddy is able and willing to spend some confidential time with you each week throughout the Program’s eight week duration.

It is recommended that you do your utmost to secure a buddy before commencing the first week of the Program. Your buddy could be your spouse or partner, a relative, a dear friend or a work colleague.

Choosing a buddy will require careful thought and a willingness, on your part, to share with that person something of your concerns and aspirations about your present lifestyle. Initially, you will need to request and be sure of your buddy’s willingness to devote the necessary time and support for you throughout the Program’s eight weeks. Your buddy will probably have to be willing to provide you with at least thirty minutes of her/his time each week. Once the necessary commitment to you has been made,  you need to explain to your buddy the general set-up of the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan and how you first need to select appropriate Goals and break these down into manageable weekly Targets. Do not  ask your buddy about how she/he thinks you should seek to change your lifestyle before you have worked through the Questionnaire and selected your Goals and weekly Targets.

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Working with your Buddy

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The Plan is totally free and presented here as a public service for those individuals who want to bring good change in their lives but aren’t too sure as to how to go about it.

Look for the beauty and wonder in the world around you. Look for the kindness and love and sacrifices that others make.  Look for the great opportunities that surround you. If you look diligently enough, you will not be disappointed.


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